Despite the rapid growth of the country's cement in production capacity the past decade and reaching the fourth place in the world with a capacity of 75 million tons per year, related engineering services are not developed for running and maintenance of production lines. As an important step, Ghadir Engineering and Research Company plans to create strategic planning ability in a cement factory from beginning to end by gathering and developing technical knowledge n all areas of manufacturing in the field of process engineering.

Accordingly the company would respond to all needs and demands for GreenField (building), reconstruction, development, optimization and other fields in cement industry. Of course, despite the passage of short time from the start of the company, there is a considerable achievement in this field. Ghadir Engineering and Research Company is about to make scientific cooperation and transfer of technology contracts with global cement industry leaders in case of realization of which it would take steps towards growth in this direction and become the focal point in cement industry in the region.

Ghadir Engineering and Research Company’s engineering units are active in the following areas using well-known experts and consultants in the areas of operation, mechanical, electrical and filtration:

Activities of the process unit:

  • Measuring process parameters such as temperature, static pressure, dynamic pressure, velocity and gas analysis components
  • Measuring power quality and perform all tests related to MV motors
  • Measuring the vibrations and their analysis
  • Sampling the materials for the purpose of particle size analysis to evaluate grinding equipment and separators efficiency
  • Performing various calculations in order to calculate process norm values and process analysis
  • Software development in the cement industry

The purpose of this area is to prepare widely used software to perform process calculations in department of raw meal, pyro processing and cement mill

  • Simulation in cement industry

Process simulation creates additional information to improve other defined activities. Some of this information is as follows:

Observing gas phase velocity vectors

Observing solid phase flow and particles’ path

Observing temperature profile in gas and solid phases

Observing profile pressure

  • Performing plant audit to determine process and equipment conditions and identify problems in the field of operation, mechanics, electricity, filtration, facilities and HSE
  • Performing special plant audit projects in various fields with the aim of identifying problems
  • Performing optimization projects aimed at improving the parameter optimization and process indicators in order to improve capacity and reduce thermal and electrical energy indicators
  • Performing troubleshooting projects in different departments to solve process problem
  • Periodical consulting engineering in plants